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Point of Sale Financing Solutions for Your Business

Point of Sale Financing Solutions for Your Business

Technology has dramatically changed how we shop. Not too long ago consumers could only pay cash or use a card for purchases. If you didn’t have the cash available, didn’t want to use a high-interest rate credit card, or if that card didn’t have enough available credit, you were out of luck. Today, thanks to technology, shoppers can choose an alternative financing option at the point of sale. Point of sale financing can be structured as loans or revolving lines of credit and often include products with low or even no interest. To stay competitive and meet consumer expectations, merchants including retailers, home improvement professionals, and healthcare providers, need to adopt modern buy now, pay over time options at the point of sale.

So, which point of sale lender do you choose for your business? For a long time, the point of sale marketplace was dominated by single lender, single product solutions. The downside of this type of solution is that they only finance a small segment of consumers on the credit spectrum. That means only people with great credit and little debt qualify for these products, which won’t do a lot to boost your sales or your customer experience. Thanks again to technology, there’s a better solution. Now, consumers can view multiple products from multiple lenders on one seamless point of sale financing platform allowing more consumers than before to qualify for buy now, pay later financing for purchases.

FinFi has partnered with banks, credit unions and alternative lenders to provide a variety of competitive products to consumers across the credit spectrum. Why choose one lender with one product when you can get a financing solution with multiple lenders and products all on one platform? With FinFi, consumers complete one universal application to review offers from our partnered lenders for the maximum approval amount without it affecting their credit. Approved buyers compare products before choosing the best financing option for their budget and then shop confidently with optimal buying power to help you increase sales and customer satisfaction.

FinFi understands there’s no one size fits all when it comes to providing financing solutions to merchants. Unlike single lender platforms, FinFi gives our merchants control to customize the platform to best meet the needs of their unique business. With its patent-pending technology, FinFi allows merchants to control what fees they pay, what products are available to their valued customers, and when special offers are made available. FinFin also has a prescreen app to better convert website leads who may qualify for one or more of the FinFi’s financing products.

As technology continues to change how we shop, consumers will increasingly look for more flexible payment options. Easy monthly payments, low-interest installment loans, deferred or 0% interest rate revolving lines of credit, accommodating term lengths, and soft credit pulls that won’t negatively impact a consumer’s credit are just a few of the perks your customers will enjoy on FinFi’s platform. Get started with FinFi today by contacting us at

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