FinMkt provides revolutionary real-time digital lending technology for the home improvement, healthcare and retail finance sectors with its fully customizable, multi-lender, full credit spectrum, embedded SaaS solution. FinMkt’s award-winning, API-driven platform facilitates both end-to-end and modularized consumer financing and loan origination technology to empower banks, credit unions, merchants and enterprise partners to create their destiny with a solution tailored to their unique brand. 

Offering either an off-the-shelf or customized solution, FinMkt’s omni-channel and product agnostic SaaS technology is versatile and supports a variety of digital lending options including point of sale financing and consumer cash loans.

From application and offers to loan agreement and digital signatures, FinMkt streamlines what used to take days or weeks into just a few minutes! Since launch, FinMkt has experienced exponential growth and earned the trust of major lenders, home improvement companies and healthcare providers.

We believe that a team's shared values are critical to success and are proud of our beliefs which center around: honesty, integrity, passion, teamwork and loyalty. If those values describe you (and you have permanently removed the words "impossible" and "can't" from your vocabulary), then FinMkt is the place for you!

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