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Waterfall Technology

Unlike traditional lending approaches, FinMkt’s elegant Waterfall Technology flows through a customized sequence of lenders and plans with one universal application ensuring a seamless customer experience while controlling costs.

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Agnostic by Design

Designed to suit the unique needs of each business, FinMkt’s agnostic approach to development ensures a customized and adaptive financial platform for optimal performance and agility.

Product Agnostic

FinMkt’s technology supports all loan types including traditional installment loans, lines of credit, and promotional offers with various payment and terms requirements.

Lender Agnostic

FinMkt's technology supports the unique workflows and compliance requirements of banks, credit unions and alternative lenders and supports 3rd party servicers.

Illustration of a waterfall.

One Application, Multiple Lenders, Realtime Decisioning

Sophisticated lender and plan matrix on the backend, seamless UX/UI on the front end, FinMkt’s powerful lender and plan waterfall is built to elegantly solve complex business strategies.  

Single Universal Application

One universal application for all participating lenders includes acknowledgement of required terms and conditions, disclosures and consents logged and time-stamped, KYC/fraud, ID upload, OTP device verification, electronic signatures, co-applicant capability and optional  automatic payment set-up.

Multiple Lenders

Control costs and meet customer expectations with sophisticated lender and plan waterfall that allows custom configuration for first, second and third look options for a full credit spectrum solution. The matrix can be configured to consider data including cost, lender, plan type and credit profile. Unique offer codes can also be created to control application by application the plans shared with each customer.

Realtime Decisioning

While complex cutting edge technology powers the lender waterfall, borrowers have a simple and fast application experience. Prequalified offers based on a soft credit pull are presented in realtime clearly displaying terms and disclosure for borrowers to easily compare and review. Once a plan is selected, financing documents are immediately generated for electronic signatures. Start to finish applications only take a few minutes to complete.