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Payment Platform

Our advanced payments platform ensures a smooth, secure, and convenient experience for consumers, and a hardware free experience for merchants.

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Payment Type Agnostic

FinMkt’s solution supports credit cards, checks, ACH and tap-to-pay payment types all on one easy to use platform that can be white labeled under your trusted brand.

Secure and Seamless Transactions

Designed with the latest encryption technologies and compliant processes that protect consumer PII.

No Hardware Required

FinMkt ensures that making payments is hassle-free with its cloud-based platform that does not require additional hardware.

Illustration of a mobile device making digital payments.

Empower Your Business

Modernize your customer payment experience and manage all payments from one easy to use portal to improve cash flow and increase revenue. 

One Stop Shop

A holistic solution serving as a central hub that eliminates the need for various service providers.

Reporting and Analytics

Track payment trends, understand consumer behavior, and make data-driven decisions.

Multiple Payment Types

Use as a stand-alone platform for all payment types or add our point of sale financing platform for a complete solution.

Multiple Payment Types

Designed to work as a stand-alone platform for all traditional payment types or integrate with our point of sale financing technology for a complete solution.

Credit & Debit Cards



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Illustration showing multiple payment options when accepting a payment.