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CRM Capabilities

FinMkt technology can be integrated with a client’s existing CRM or can develop customer management solutions on our platform to eliminate the need for multiple portal logins.

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Develop a 360-Degree Perspective

Existing CRMs can be difficult to properly customize and offer limited integration capabilities with loan and payment operations. FinMkt collaborates with clients to build seamless customer management solutions to streamline operations.

One Sign On

Building out a customized customer management solution allows you team members to login to one platform to manage all accounts from one secure portal.

Centralize Your Records

Effortlessly access and manage all borrower and intermediary interactions within a unified platform.

Illustration of a mobile device connecting with customer support.

Your Customers, Your CRM

One-size-fit all CRM solutions rarely fit. FinMkt’s technology can be customized to allow users to easily access customer information and manage all necessary functions from one platform.

Account Identification

Use FinMkt’s account number process to manage customers or carry over your existing account number/identification system to assign to a customer on our platform.

Custom Data Fields

Securely capture and store data points needed to properly manage customer accounts, applications and transactions.

Custom Search

When supporting customers, time is of the essence. Search for customers, applications and transactions by name, phone number, email address, date, or any other desired data field.

Document Management

Upload documents associated with a customer or application and add rules where documents are required for certain actions to be performed.

Users and Locations

Add users and locations, assign roles and control permissions from the portal to allow team members to access data needed to best manage customer relationships.

Daily Support

FinMkt’s solutions are always backed by 7 days a week white glove live support.