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FinMkt Named Best New Embedded Platform by Tearsheet

FinMkt Named Best New Embedded Platform by Tearsheet

New York City, NY, December 13, 2022 – FinMkt, a leading provider of embedded SaaS solutions for digital lending and payments technology, was named the Best New Embedded Platform winner for Tearsheet’s Embedded Awards 2022 at the The Big Bank Theory Conference. Tearsheet’s Embedded Awards are the financial industry’s top awards program focused on embedded finance and the “platformification” of financial services.

FinMkt was recognized by Tearsheet for its innovative, end-to-end and modularized embedded digital lending and payments solutions. FinMkt’s established network of home improvement contractors, healthcare providers and retail merchants allow lenders to quickly plug-in and deploy capital, backed with the assurance that comes from leveraging best-in-class technology. FinMkt’s platform can be used off-the-shelf or as a white label custom-built solution.

“We are honored to be recognized by Tearsheet for our work to revolutionize digital lending and payments technology through our API-driven, completely customizable SaaS solution” said Luan Cox, FinMkt’s CEO and Co-founder. “Our platform was built to be adaptive and scalable, to integrate seamlessly with virtually any product and industry. We focus on providing partners with easy-to-use, yet sophisticated technology to enhance their digital capabilities.”

FinMkt enjoyed a prolific year of growth in 2022, adding over 20 new employees and several major banks, credit unions and online lenders to its platform. In addition to ongoing development projects and partnerships, FinMkt built a custom financing and payments platform for one of the largest home improvement companies in the nation, set to launch in January 2023. In addition, FinMkt’s CEO, CTO and CFO have all received recognition this year for their work in the fintech industry. With FinMkt’s 2022 revenue poised to nearly triple from 2021, the trend is expected to continue into 2023. 

About FinMkt

FinMkt is revolutionizing digital lending and payments technology with a fully customizable, embedded SaaS solution. FinMkt’s award-winning, API-driven platform offers both end-to-end and modularized consumer financing, loan origination and payments technology that empowers lenders, merchants and enterprise partners to create their own destiny with a customized solution tailored to their unique brand. FinMkt’s proprietary, omni-channel and product agnostic SaaS platform is optimized for home improvement, healthcare, and retail.

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