Personal Loan Platform

Customized SaaS Personal Loan Platform

API-driven consumer financing technology built to scale, accommodating the unique requirements of diverse partner networks of all sizes and technological capabilities.

End-to-End Loan Origination

With one platform, the entire financing process is managed from prospect identification and targeting all the way to document execution and funding.

Private-Labeled, Highly Customizable

We build the personal loan platform you need. Our completely modularized and customizable lending technology can be leveraged in a multitude of ways.

Rapid Adjustment of Credit Policy Capability

We understand that consumer lending products are in constant evolution. This is why our flexible, API-based platform architecture is built to manage changes with ease and deploy with swiftness.

Deployable to Multiple Distribution Partners

Quickly set up distribution partners in your network with their own, white-labeled version of your personal loan platform capable of accommodating partners of all levels of technical capability.

Optimize Your Lending Capabilities

Seamless integration coupled with a fully customizable personal financing solution.


• One Universal Credit Application
• Digital Documentation
• SMS & Email Communication
• Fine-Tuned for Simplicity
• Continuity & Consistency


• Complete Transparency
• Realtime Data & Analytics
• White-Label Capabilities
• Configurable Dashboards
• Technical Support


• Best-in-Class Technology
• Forward-Thinking Development
• Product Agility
• Custom-Built Solutions
• Unlimited Growth Potential

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