Merchant Underwriting

Individually Tailored Merchant Underwriting Services

Merchant underwriting is complicated and high risk. FinMkt's complete merchant underwriting solution takes care of everything so you can focus on growing your business.

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Swift Underwriting & Merchant Onboarding

FinMkt's automated merchant underwriting process covers everything, including background checks, bank account verification, licensing and compliance.


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• Streamline Processing
• Reduce Costs
• Branded Digital Merchant Application
• Faster Turnaround
• Accelerate Growth Potential

Risk Management & Compliance

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• KYC + Fraud Checks
• Reduce Human Error
• New Risk Tools
• Identify Fraud Patterns
• Ensure Security Provisions


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• Dedicated Account Management
• Ongoing Merchant Monitoring
• 24/7 Technical Support
• Reporting and Analytics
• Lender Portal

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Streamline the Merchant Underwriting Process

• Customizable merchant application
• Customizable merchant underwriting criteria
• White-glove onboarding & support
• Ongoing merchant monitoring & risk review

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