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End-to-End Loan Origination Software

FinMkt's cloud-based lending software creates white-labled solutions for credit unions, banks and alternative lenders. From local credit unions to global banks and every lender in between, FinMkt’s technology enables innovation, speed-to-market and customized workflows under your trusted brand with turnkey platforms or fully customized SaaS integrations. 

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FinMkt's Full Stack Loan Origination System

Maintaining and updating legacy systems is time-consuming and expensive but to remain competitive, meet consumer expectations and continue to grow in the communities they serve, lenders need to invest in digital solutions. FinMkt empowers innovation with proven technology and leadership.

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FinMkt's complete end-to-end and flexible modular technology provides sophisticated solutions to lenders of all sizes.

Merchant Underwriting

Customizable merchant applications and underwriting criteria, multiple locations supported, extensive checks include OFAC, lawsuits, liens and licensing requirements, and ongoing merchant monitoring.

Consumer Underwriting

ID upload, KYC/fraud, OTP device verification, KBA questionnaire, automatic payment enrollment, memberization for credit unions, electronic signatures, and IP address capture.

Credit Policies

FinMkt can host lender credit policies or connect via API, realtime decisioning, easily adjust criteria to market changes and business needs, and powerful data insights to shape strategies.


Automated processes supported by third party data sources and backed by experienced consumer risk team members to handle FCRA fraud alerts.
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Device Verification

OPT enabled device verification, IP address tracking and device fingerprinting functionality.

Soft Pull Prequalification

Realtime prequalification based on soft pull allowing consumers to review offers without it affecting their credit.

Consumer Payment Authorization

Payment authorization and Certificate of Completion workflows per vertical with electronic signature for both merchant and borrower.

Transactions, Stage Funding, Refunds

Payment authorization, 3-day right to cancel holding period, stage funding, full and partial refunds, and cancellation functionality.

Merchant Underwriting

Funds disbursements directly to merchants or consumers, refunds disbursed back to lender or servicer, handling of fees and reporting overseen by experienced FinOps team.

Data Insights

Robust data offers powerful insights to shape credit policies and strategies and provides the foundation to develop AI/ML.