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The Future of Fintech is FinMkt

Exceed the demands of the modern consumer. Achieve limitless scale and speed to market with a state of the art, customized and modularized SaaS consumer financing solution.

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We spent years developing our technology so you don't have to!

BNPL & point of sale financing technology is sophisticated and complex. Developing and implementing this technology is cost and time prohibitive.

Enter FinMkt. We offer a complete end-to-end or modularized SaaS solution that is completely customizable and globally scalable.

Single Platform, Multiple Products, Universal CX

Tap into our marketplace of established merchants to see immediate results when you integrate into FinMkt’s platform. Fully determine your risk appetite and approve only the right customers for your financing products.

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Plug and Play

• Modularized Technology
• Full End-to-End Solution or Customizable to Any Set of Features
• Speed to Market
• ACH and Network Rails
• Reconciliation and Reporting

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Distribution at Scale

• Multiple Verticals and Growing
• Merchant Marketplace
• Turnkey Volume
• Intuitive Lender Portal for Analytics and   Insights
• Unlimited Possibilities

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Decisioning Waterfall

• Prequalification Logic
• Elegant Lender Waterfall Instantly   Matches to Multiple Credit Policies
• Realtime Decisioning
• Monetize Rejects
• Own and Service Approved Customers

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