One Platform, Multiple Lenders, Happier Patients

Healthcare & Dental Point of Sale Financing

With our point of sale financing platform you can empower patients across the credit spectrum with affordable financing options allowing for full treatment acceptance and an exceptional patient experience!

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Manage Financing for All Patients from One Platform

When gaps in insurance prevent full treatment acceptance or doesn’t cover desired care, FinMkt’s multi-lender patient financing platform provides affordable, full credit spectrum solutions. Financing applications can be completed in the provider’s office or at the patient’s convenience via a secure link, and all applications and transactions are easily managed from the Provider Portal.

Improve Patient Experience

Give patients peace of mind with affordable financing options. With one quick application, patients can review and compare prequalified offers in realtime without affecting their credit.

Easy to Use Platform

Seamlessly integrate point of sale financing into a holistic health and wellness payment solution with an easy to use provider portal and simple patient application.

Configurable Financing Programs

Choose the financing programs that best meet the needs of your patients, provide promotional offers, and include financing options for patients across the credit spectrum.

Attract New Patients

Point of sale financing makes products and services more affordable to more patients and allows them to increase their purchasing power.

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Point of Sale Financing for Practices of all Sizes

FinMkt’s technology has been developed to provide the workflows and functionality needed to provide patient financing in the areas of dental, cosmetic, fertility, among other traditional practice types.

Configurable Plans and Offers

Control costs and meet expectations by creating offer codes with the plans and promos to be shared with your patients.

Configurable Lender Waterfall

The lender matrix can be configured to consider data including cost, lender, plan type and credit profile. 

Finance Manager Flow

Ability to enable workflows at practices where finance managers handle part of the application process for their patients.

Application Links

Send links to your patients by email or SMS to complete financing applications securely from their own device at their convenience.
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Auto Pay Set Up

Optional automatic-payment set up functionality provides convenience and peace of mind for borrowers wishing to opt in for the service.

Payments & Refunds

Request full or partial payments, issue full or partial refunds, and authorization to fund documents with e-signature capabilities.

Funds Disbursement

FinMkt manages funds disbursement for seamless delivery of payments to provider accounts and refunds to the lender when applicable.


Standard and custom reporting available to assist with financial operations and patient management.