BNPL & Point of Sale Financing

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Fully Customizable Buy Now, Pay Later & Point of Sale Financing Solutions

FinMkt's multi-lender BNPL and point of sale financing platform supports everything from a no-credit-check 4 equal payment BNPL solution to a $100,000 10-year fixed rate installment loan and everything in between. All with one easy application!

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One, Easy Application

Borrowers apply by completing a quick digital application.

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Prequalified Offers in Realtime

In realtime, borrowers are presented with prequalified offers without affecting their credit.

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Review Terms & Select Offer

Borrowers can review their offers and choose the best one for their needs.

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Receive Approval & Pay Over Time

Once approved, purchase can be completed and borrowers pay over time with affordable monthly payments.

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Fast & Flexible Integrations

We do the heavy tech-lifting for you, behind the scenes.

Customizations & White Label Solutions

We help build the financing solution to best meet your needs.

Technology Built to Adapt

Omni-channel, product agnostic technology enables fast agility.

Embedded Underwriting & KYC

Automated merchant and consumer underwriting processes.

Complete Transparency

Our Reporting Portal provides total visibility and valuable analytics.

Forward Thinking Development

Outside-the-box thinking that looks towards the future.

Looking for an off-the-shelf consumer financing solution?

We got you! Our embedded point of sale financing solution, FinFi, has everything you need to start offering affordable financing options to your clients.

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Questions? We have answers.

What is the difference between Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and point of sale financing?
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Buy Now Pay Later refers to a payment option allowing consumers to pay off a purchase over a short time period without traditional underwriting. Often BNPL plans are available for smaller dollar purchases and only use a soft credit pull to verify a consumer’s credit quality and identity.

The term point of sale financing applies to larger-dollar purchases paid off over a longer period of time and requires traditional consumer underwriting and hard credit checks. Financing can be as high as $100,000 with terms over 10 years.

Who uses FinMkt's BNPL/point of sale financing solution?
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FinMkt’s partners and clients include banks, credit unions, non-bank lenders, financing platforms, original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), home improvement companies, healthcare providers, and retail merchants.

Because FinMkt offers both a complete end-to-end financing platform and modularized options, every solution is uniquely and purposefully customized for each client, whether they are new to BNPL/point of sale financing or industry veterans.

What types of BNPL/point of sale financing products does FinMkt's platform support?
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FinMkt’s platform is product agnostic. Our technology supports traditional installment loans, revolving lines of credit, same as cash deferred interest promotional offers, lease-to-own, virtual cards and no credit check BNPL payment options.

What channels and industries does FinMkt's platform support?
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FinMkt’s technology is omni-channel and vertical agnostic. We have developed custom solutions for home improvement, healthcare, retail and e-commerce. Wherever a purchase takes place, FinMkt’s technology enables BNPL and instant financing at the point of sale.

Why was FinMkt's technology developed to support multiple lenders?
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Single lender platforms only serve a fraction of consumers, leaving merchants with a less than ideal financing solution and a poor customer experience. By integrating multiple lenders into one seamless full credit spectrum solution, merchants increase sales by providing more customers with pay over time financing options at the point of sale.

Partners can configure lenders and products to their liking and even integrate their own financing products or lending partners. FinMkt can also tailor lenders and products to meet the needs of each partner through our pool of integrated lenders that includes banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, and our wholesale bank partners.

How long does it take to launch a BNPL/point of sale solution with FinMkt?
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With API-driven technology and a rockstar team, FinMkt moves fast. Need a solution with a tight deadline, feel encumbered by legacy technology, or don’t even know where to start in accelerating a BNPL/point of sale financing strategy? FinMkt can help every step of the way.

As consumer demand for financing options at the point of sale increases, lenders and merchants need to keep pace. FinMkt removes many pain points to accelerate the implementation of new or enhanced customized BNPL/point of sale solutions.

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